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not just online Martial Arts 

We here at WCMAC are overwhelmed to announce the launch of V-Dojo. A unique personalized online training course designed personally for each student. This amazing opportunity includes personal training via face to face video chat, live streamed instruction, weekly training tips, full curriculum videos with hand and feet striking, katas, weapons, fitness and so much more. See below for a full detailed breakdown.           

covid-19 and keeping your athletes safe

We understand whats going on currently in the world today and the potential of things getting worst with possible schools and extra curricular activities being shut down. I personally wanted create a program to help ease the frustration and fear that comes along with that. I've worked hard and fast to develop an amazing course to keep the whole house hold active and positive reinforcement through our online academy. I've invested into our own online password protected dedicated server where we will host all of our content for the whole family to get involved.             

have you moved?

Moving out of state could be tough. Moving to a new country can be an even harder transition. Adapting to new ways of life, routines etc. One way to keep your child connected and ease their transition is keeping them going in what they love to do. Martial Arts is unique unlike any other sport. It’s a non team sport. With the Vdojo Sensei comes to you.Your child has worked extremely hard to get where they are in the Chi Do Tae Kwon System. Why stop now? One of our major principals and beliefs to never quite and always complete what you have started.  Sensei has put together an amazing online program which will allow you to complete your martial arts journey and master the Chi Do Tae Kwon System. Please see below for more details on how our virtual program.

no more time to come in

Our new online course gives anyone the opportunity to train under sensei Randy's unique Martial Arts system. Today we find that time is minimal and connivence is key. Our unique course allows you to train at home, while you travel etc. You now have all the tools to keep you going and excelling in the system.

whats included 

Included in your membership, your whole house hold will enjoy:

  • Full curriculum videos ( distributed according to rank ) 

  • Bi-Weekly tips/training/fitness videos 

  • One personal video outlining your monthly task at hand.

  • Two live 20 minute video"HELP" calls (whole house hold)

  • Monthly challenges 

  • In person private lessons and reviews once per month for Black Belt Club & advanced members

  • Special guest Instructors 

  • Online test ( White - Red ) $40.00 usd testing fee

  • %50 Black Belt test ( out of country students only )

  • In person Black Belt Test and certificate

  • Apple store and google play app coming soon

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