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karate for teens

Martial Arts For teens 

Being a teenager is not easy and we understand that. Come to a place that accepts you for who you are. Our Martial Arts programs will let you push yourself to a level that most people only dream about.


Our Teen Champion classes are conducted for students 13-17 years old. You will enjoy Mixed Martial Arts training because it will build self-confidence and because it's really fun!


Teen classes are fun and exciting, providing a healthy way to escape from the pressures of being a teen. Teens find that our champions training helps you stay fit and get involved with a great group of friends and fellow athletes. All this is accomplished in disciplined, intense training sessions that are designed to be challenging but always fun to do. All training sessions are conducted by our 3 X Sport Karate World Champion Sensei Randy Rubinfeld in a safe and professional manner; in a modern and clean training facility.

what you will learn at wcmac

  • Learn To Defend Yourself

  • Reach your Fitness Goals

  • Develop Well-Toned Muscles and Abs

  • Increase Your Metabolism

  • Increase Your Cardio Health

  • Relieve that teenager  Stress

  • Improve your Flexibility, Agility, Strength and Stamina

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