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Friends Of WCMAC EP#2 (Raw Baby Desserts)

Meet Arlena Conner the mastermind and founder behind our favorite guilt free, raw, vegan chocolate sold at WCMAC and other amazing retailers. We've know Arlena for about 3 years now. We started by meeting via social media as I was looking for some fitness trainers to add to our facility. She was an amazing addition. Her drive and energy was incredible. I always knew she had compassion for her art and was someday going to be running her own show and small business. She has a great amount of experience in the fitness and nutrition world. She's competed professionally and has gone through some personal health trials and tribulations which has got her to find her through passion, baking!!! Not baking the normal unhealthy foods we think of. She bakes greatness, guilt free chocolates and custom desserts all vegan, raw, zero chemicals, keto friendly. Did I mention they taste better then any other chocolate we've tasted! Fast forward to now she's running a growing company and pursuing her dreams!!!

Order up! IG: @Rawbabydesserts

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