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The "Frank Sensei" Episode #1

Introducing our new weekly series entitled "The Frank Sensei" In this series sensei will be giving tips, advice, updates and special messages along with exclusive commentary. "Yes it's called "The Frank Sensei" why? because my philosophy is just different. Most karate schools and in the fitness industry in general people will tell you what you want to hear. Like, you can get your black belt in a year! you can lose this weight by buying our product! Honesty is what martial arts is all about. In my eyes it's lost in 85% of dojos and gyms. Not mine, not here at WCMAC! I hope you all enjoy like and subscribe to our channel on youtube. This is just the start so bare with me as I can promise you it will only get better! I know, I run a business and I'm going against the grain of %80-%90 of dojos and gyms and some of my colleagues in this arena. Sorry not sorry. I hope you all will appreciate my kind honesty. Thank you.

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