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Friends Of WCMAC Episode #1

Here it is! WCMAC strongly supports all creatives, artist, local businesses and start ups. Iv'e had a long journey to success myself and still have a long way to go. I couldn't have done it without support from family and true friends who believed in all my ideas, and my dreams. I told myself when I make it I will do all I can to support all who have a dream and work hard to break through no matter what it takes. Martial Arts is all about commitment, dedication and support along with serving. Thats right, serving others. It is now where I can provide a platform small or big to give back and show support. Thats what led me to create a new original series spotlighting some of our favorites and some of the fighters (the go getters) So Monthly we will be spotlighting some of the coolest, smartest, hungriest, dedicated individuals chasing their dreams.

Today is the soft launch of the series and I couldnt be more honored to introduce to you all Alex Ascolese known on Instagram as TheRealBarberAl. I have know and have been supporting Alex for over 3 years now since Iv'e made the hike from LA to OC. As a martial artist one of the most important principals is clean hygiene. So for some it's other things, for me its my hair! I like it to be perfect lol. I used to drive to the valley every 2 weeks to my barber who I supported for so long his name is JC The Barber who is now one of the biggest barbers in the industry. Cutting the hair of todays top celebrities, professional athletes, actors I mean you name it he's done it. what a great success he's had he believed he attacked, fell got back up and now check for yourself. I say all this because I felt I would never get the same treatment, service and experience from any other barber. I found one in Rancho Santa Margarita when I landed in OC. The passion wasn't there its was all about money and getting you out as fast as you can. Not for me I never supported that. Money is great but it comes in time and last forever when done with love, heart and passion.

Relived, I found him on yelp. I went to him while working at someones shop and was blown away. He had it all! The passion first the heart second, the drive fourth and money last! He shared his drive and dreams with me I told him I support it and will follow him where he goes. He now owns he's very own business in Lake Forest in the Phoenix Salon Suites (address below) what an experience. Thank you Alex! WCMAC Supports you and your drive. Keep fighting!

Support this young entrepreneur!

Instagram - @therealbarberal

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