Martial Arts For kids 

If you're looking for an energetic, fun-filled way .for your child to learn the physical and mental skills needed to be the VERY best that they can be, look no further! This high-energy Kids Karate Program combines age-appropriate games, martial arts exercises and practical self-defense skills to improve your child's motor and listening skills, boost their concentration and sharpen their academic focus

Give Kids the Power of Self-Confidence! 

At WCMAC in Mission Viejo, we believe that communication with parents is the key to a child's success in life. We build a relationship with our parents, and discuss together what is happening in their child's lives. Using a "Champions Report" that parents must sign off on, we can make sure your child completes the karate homework they are given and takes responsibility for the life skills they learn.


Through our Kids Karate class your child will train with SUPERIOR instructors that are encouraging and friendly. They will learn a sense of responsibility through our Champions Program, and how to set and attain goals on their journey to BLACK BELT.

Good Clean Family Fun!

Included in your membership, your son or daughter will enjoy:


  • Movie Nights

  • Camps

  • Video Game Challenges

  • And more!