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A one hour long, one of a kind full body experience and journey! A unique mix of cross training, strength training, martial arts and kickboxing. Non-stop movement, non-stop fun! Kicking, punching, knees, elbows and jumping and lot's of functional movements and training for a complete one of a kind 360 workout! All while surrounding yourself with a winning team atmosphere and people who care. 



Class Times

  • Nonstop body movement

  • Kickboxing and MMA Strikes 

  • Bag and target training 

  • Insane intervals 

  • Calisthenics 

  • Functional training 

  • So much more

  • Build lean muscle 

  • Restore memory

  • Improve reflexes

  • Burn unwanted fat 

  • Learn self-defense 

  • Improve coordination

  • Relieve tension & stress

  • Tone up

  • Agility & Speed

  • Feel great

  • You win

Tuesday and Thursday - 7:10pm

Saturday - 8:30am


When you transition your brain you transition your body into a champions body. The complete mind set of a warrior! What would you do, to prepare for the biggest battle of your life? The answer should be everything you could possibly do to over come, to win, to become champion. In order to succeed you will need to cover the following. First you must choose a team and program. Surround yourself by people who care for your outcome and results. Set a goal, have no egos, train creatively, and get uncomfortable. In order to succeed you must learn how to accept the hardest challenges with pleasure. Here at WCMAC we have all that and above.


Our studio is a state of the art facility providing you with a private gym atmosphere and amenities, hight tech training equipment and techniques. Quality over quantity is our mission and we strive hard to provide that to our athletes every step of the way. Our gym plays the best mixes by some of todays top dj's and producers. Our clients receive personable attention and guidance throughout their journey. We provide an organic, chemical free space as well carrying a small unique group of exclusive Items from food and snacks (vegan, gluten free) to equipment. Our members also enjoy free cold essential oil towels for the perfect finish and luxurious cool down.   

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